How did it start?


In the Autumn of 2012 the thought arose at Pigment vzwWhy not take part in a major running race with our target audience?’. The Brussels ‘Association Where the Disadvantaged Speak’ had provided sports activities for a while but had until then never attempted jogging… No sooner said than done. On 7 October 2012, a small group of motivated runners took part, for the first time, in the Brussels Half Marathon.

Doing sports together, the healthy exertion and fun team spirit created a taste for more. Pigment vzw and Link=Brussel vzw therefore decided to join forces to launch a real jogging club. Bon, that had been doing jogging for a few years, enthusiastically joined and Buurtsport Brussel and Flemish Refugee Action also strengthened the initiative.

The club started in February 2013, under the leadership of the volunteer Koen, with its weekly training sessions. Some courageous runners diligently braved snow, rain and cold. The jogging club was called ‘Les Gazelles de Bruxelles’.

A few months and many kilometres later, twenty-five Gazelles took part in the Brussels 20 km. With success! The results were amazing, as was the atmosphere. A few months later we participated in other competitions such as the Laarbeekse Paden, Leopold II-jogging, Brussels Half Marathon and the Corrida in Leuven.

One year, many running sessions and competitions later, we decided to take the plunge. On 24 June 2014 a new not-for-profit association “Les Gazelles de Bruxelles” was founded. Through this association we want to continue to support our operations both financially and materially.

Will undoubtedly be continued…