Volunteer Information

Below you can read where to find all the information needed to comply with the legislation on volunteering. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us by mail.

1. Data organization
Name: Les Gazelles de Bruxelles ASBL
Address: Marcqstraat 17, 1000 Brussels
Tel: 02 430 25 68
Email: info@gazelles.org
Website: www.lesgazellesdebruxelles.be

Legal status: Non-profit association

Our mission: To strengthen adults from disadvantaged groups through jogging and create encounters.

Our values: athletic, avant-garde, supportive, open and mixed.

2. Insurance
An insurance for civil liability and physical accidents was concluded for participants and volunteers.

Company where the policy was concluded: Ethias NV
Polis: 45,329,194.

3. Liability

The organization is liable for any damage caused by the volunteer to third parties during the performance of his or her volunteer work. In the event that the volunteer causes damage to the organisation or to third parties during the performance of the voluntary service, he/she is only liable for his/her fraud and serious faults. For minor faults, he is only liable if this happens more frequently than accidentally.

4. Cost reimbursement

The association is responsible for the reimbursement of transport costs in the case of activities and for the reimbursement of training courses in the context of voluntary work. The club will reimburse the actual costs invested in the context of volunteering, subject to the submission of an expense report and appropriate supporting documents.

5. Confidentiality

The volunteer may receive information for which he is bound by professional secrecy. In accordance with article 458 of the Criminal Code, you may only disclose this information if required by law or if you have to testify. Violation of this obligation may result in imprisonment and a fine.