Our runners


A few motivated members of the Gazelles:

Fatima (on the picture no. 946) is 47 years old .fatimaShe was raised in Morocco and came to Belgium two years ago. In Belgium she lives with other women. They cook together, go out and it is been a year now since they started to run with Les Gazelles de Bruxelles. Together they start-to-run and train for 5km.

Every day Fatima follows her French course, and she works as a cleaning lady in the afternoon. On Friday evening she goes to the training of Les Gazelles de Bruxelles, that pleases her a lot.

“It was my childhood dream to run, but I never had that chance,” says Fatima.

When we ask her about the positive and negative aspects of running with Les Gazelles de Bruxelles, she answers that she is very happy to make her dream come true. Fatima feels very enthusiastic and relieved when she can run with the group every Friday.

“I believe it is all positive. I would like to thank Les gazelles de Bruxelles for the fantastic feeling I get from running all together. ”

interview: Noha Fayed


mohammed-2Mohammed came into contact with the jogging club last year through Dutch lessons with Camelia. He then took part in the Brussels marathon. He wants to take part this year too on the 20km.In addition to jogging, Mohammed plays football twice a week with a few friends: “juste pour s’amuser”. He believes sport is important because it allows him to keep fit and healthy.

In his native Morocco, Mohammed could often be found on his bike and now it has also been almost two years since he took the bus or metro. In other words, he is a sportsman at heart and thinks it is a pity that people who want to exercise can’t always due to practical or financial reasons.

frank-2Frank: “I came into contact with Camelia through a friend, who also studied there. She told me that there was also a sports project, and I immediately asked how I could take part.”

Sport “keeps me alive” he says enthusiastically and it keeps me fit for my job, I am a DJ. In Africa I was a professional footballer and did fitness. I particularly loved weightlifting. Now, with the fitness project I can start again which really pleases me. He thinks 20 km should be possible, although he hopes he won’t be too tired.


mustafa-2Mustapha: I ended up in Pigment by change in 2009 and in the meantime I have been a volunteer for three years at Fils de Café Mama, a weekly cooking project. I am also responsible for the fitness group, so I am often there.

“J’adore faire le sport, c’est bon pour ma santé”. I prefer to exercise with Pigment, because there are people in the group that I know and there is a good atmosphere. “Last year I took part in the race organised by Foyer, and came in third place. This year I will set the bar a little higher and will take part in the Brussels 20 km race, “this time to win”, he adds with a laugh.